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Delo calls for govt to help business benefit from crisis


Ljubljana - The newspaper Delo advocates for the government to take measures to help businesses get over the energy crisis in Tuesday's commentary, noting the Finance Ministry's hesitancy about a job retention scheme.

Rather than golden parachutes the economy needs "a safety that functions as a trampoline", the paper writes.

While it concedes that the EU can do most to tackle the crisis by intervening in the energy markets, it also says the state too needs to come up with measures to help business cope with high prices.

"The Economy Ministry appears to be considering the right steps such as subsidising high energy prices, liquidity loans, furlough and short time subsidies and investments in green transformation."

The paper says the Finance Ministry is said to be opposed to furlough and short time subsidies, because the measure proved very costly during the pandemic even though it saved jobs.

In the headline and commentary the paper quotes a NLB bank management board member in quoting former Formula One champion Ayrton Senna as saying 'You cannot overtake 15 cars in sunny weather... but you can when it's raining'.

"Non-indebted Slovenian economy can benefit from the rainy spell and overtake the competition. However, government measures are essential for that. The state must set up a safety net so that companies can retain their development potential and boost competitiveness. The safety net needs not to have so fine a mesh that no one can fall through it," writes the paper, adding that it is not good if a company survives only because of subsidies and companies too should consider what they can do themselves.


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