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Primorske sees violence against women becoming more common


Koper - The newspaper Primorske Novice comments on violence against women in Slovenia, expressing worry that such abuse and fatal attacks are becoming more common.

The attempted murder in Maribor at the beginning of the month and the femicide in Gorjanci a few days ago indicate that the only way attackers know how to cope with conflict situations such as rejection or jealousy is through violence.

"With planned violence. Is this about to become a new way of communicating, or what?" the paper wonders under the headline Have You Forgotten You Should Not Hit Girls? "A crush says no to a man and he starts wielding a knife?"

The statistics do not indicate an increase in violent crimes. But with three months till the end of the year, the number of murders of women has reached seven, as many as in the entire last year. Last year two attempted murders of women were reported, this year as many as four.

"The patriarchal mindset has almost run over women's rights. Men are irritated when their female friends are more successful than them and when they put on red pumps, the men lose it," the paper says, referring to the reaction in the National Assembly when the then newly appointed speaker wore red pumps.

Much will have to be done if we want to bring down violence in our society, the paper says, warning that NGOs must not and cannot do the work of social services, the police, the prosecution and of courts.


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