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Freedom Movement to back Brglez in presidential race


Ljubljana - The senior coalition Freedom Movement decided on Thursday to endorse MEP Milan Brglez in the presidential race. Brglez, a member of the junior coalition Social Democrats (SD), gave up all his posts within the party, which dispelled any Freedom Movement's reservations about backing him. PM Robert Golob expects him to win the election.

The Freedom Movement decided last week to get actively involved in the presidential campaign after its own candidate, Marta Kos, withdrew from the race even before the campaign officially started.

The party announced last week it would back an independent candidate and Golob was mandated to hold talks with all independents.

After Brglez quit all his posts within the SD and announced he would suspend his party membership if elected, the Freedom Movement became more inclined to endorsing his candidacy for the 23 October election. Thus, he was the only candidate Golob talked to.

Today, Brglez presented his bid to the Freedom Movement's council and managed to get unanimous support.

The SD said its presidency had also unanimously backed Brglez.

The Freedom Movement and the SD will now cooperate in the campaign, with both parties' MPs contributing signatures for his candidacy.

Golob said Brglez was a person of high integrity and would make a fine president.

Brglez said in a written statement today he was prompted to stand in the election by recent developments in Slovenia and Europe. He said he wanted to serve people, listen and hear, act prudently, and unite people.

He said he was honoured that MPs of both parties would contribute the signatures of support. "I believe this is the first symbolic gesture for more trust, more respect and more connections in politics that can restore the faith of Slovenians in the capability, motivation and will for working for the common good."

Brglez is an MEP for the SD/S&D and former parliamentary speaker. He entered politics in 2014 as vice president of the then Miro Cerar party. But soon after the 2018 election, he joined the SD and was seen as a presidential candidate by some already in 2017.

The coalition will not have a joint candidate, as the Left is sending MP Miha Kordiš into the battle. "Perhaps the Left will join us in the second round," Golob said today.


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