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Average earnings down substantially in real terms


Ljubljana - Average monthly pay in Slovenia decreased considerably in real terms in a year, with fresh data from the Statistic Office showing gross pay for July was 7% lower and net pay 6% lower than a year ago.

In nominal terms, average gross pay rose by 3.2% in a year to EUR 2,002 and take-home pay increased by 4.3% to EUR 1,304. Compared with June pay, earnings declined by 0.3% nominally and by 1.3% in real terms.

Gross earnings in the public sector rose by half percent nominally on the month before where the increase in the state sector was 0.9%. Meanwhile, earnings in the private sector fell by 0.7%.

However, in real terms, employees in both sectors had lower average gross earnings than in June, in the public sector the drop was 0.5% (state sector only saw a 0.1% drop) and in the private sector it was 1.7%.

The highest average gross earnings in July were paid out in the financial and insurance industry, at EUR 2,862.

The biggest increase compared with June was in the health and social care, where gross earnings rose by 3.4% nominally and by 2.4% in real terms. The most substantial decrease in average gross earnings was in electricity, gas and team supply, by as much as 5.1% in nominal and 6% in real terms.


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