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Portorož Airport celebrates 60th anniversary


Sečovlje - Portorož Airport celebrated its 60th anniversary on Saturday, also presenting plans for the future. Among other things, a renovation of the passenger terminal is planned, while the roof will be fitted with photovoltaic cells. Perhaps most importantly, Van Air Europe is likely to launch regular flights from Brno, Prague and Budapest next year.

The energy renovation will cost about EUR 1 million, funded mostly by the airport and the state, but also some EU funds, airport director Bernard Majhenič said.

The solar plant, which will be fitted on the hangars and the main building, will produce more electricity than the airport needs, and will be selling it for charging of e-cars. Moreover, an electric bus will provide regular rides to Piran, Portorož, Lucija and Sečovlje.

The interior of the passenger terminal will be completely renovated, above all using natural materials. It will feature a large common space, a shop, restaurant, waiting room and a VIP room, as well as premises for the police, the Financial Administration and air traffic control.

Moreover, complete digitalisation is planned. "When buying an outbound ticket, you will provide your licence plate and ID number. At the entrance to our car park, a camera will read your licence plate and the only thing you will have to do before boarding the plane is scan your ID document - no papers or such."

As regards regular flights, Majhenič said a letter of intent for twice-weekly flights to Brno, Prague and Budapest had been signed with Van Air Europe.

In the next three months the Slovenian coast will launch promotional campaigns in the three destinations and evaluate the potential number of guests flying in.

"We don't want a repeat of previous years when flights co-funded by local tourist agents carried only three or so passengers," said Majhenič, adding that at least 30 passengers per flight would make the routes successful.

The airport is also in talks with Air Serbia about flights to and from Belgrade and with Elba Air about flights to Lugano.

Majhenič admitted he was a little nervous when it came to such projects because of many similar campaigns that had failed in the past.


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