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Delo warns against repeat of past ahead of Italian election


Ljubljana - The newspaper Delo warns against a repeating of the past in its commentary on Saturday, a day before the general election in Italy, where the radical right has good chances of winning.

Even European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is warning against repeating the past and the strengthening of alliances among the most dogged reactionaries: the Italian right and Hungarian President Viktor Orban.

Maybe the fear is unreasonable, but it should be said that all this is happening precisely 100 years after Fascist Benito Mussolini's March on Rome. "When he took over power, the seed of evil sprouted in Europe."

The head of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, claims she had Fascism buried and that she is a modern and decent right-winger, an Italian, a mother and a Catholic.

She has built her fortress by placing herself as an opponent to Prime Minister Mario Draghi. She is a shining star in the eyes of millions of Italians, who blame Draghi for all their troubles.

This young and savvy woman has managed to convince many people who previously had not attended rallies where young men raise their right fists to salute, the paper says under the headline Fear of the Past.

It is hard not to draw parallels with the past, especially because Mussolini's young men started their grim march two years before they marched on Rome by burning down the Slovenian National Hall in Trieste.

"Even now, after a hundred years, the hall has not been completely returned to Slovenians. One can only hope that warning are undue" and that it is needless to worry about alliances between Italian and Hungarian right-wingers.


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