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SDS congratulate Italian right, urge upgrade in relations


Ljubljana - The opposition Democrats (SDS) have congratulated the Italian right on their win in Sunday's national election, and called on the Slovenian government to "upgrade good relations" with Italy.

SDS leader Janez Janša, who has courted close relations with Italian right-wing parties for years, added in a Twitter post: "Without ideological delusions." The "democratic right" won the general election in Italy.

SDS MP Branko Grims echoed this in his statement after today's parliamentary session, saying the right in Italy had achieved a "tremendous victory".

"Reason and a development-oriented Europe have won, and I only hope that this will be an example for the entire Europe, because this is the right way forward," he said, congratulating all right parties leaders in Italy, including Giorgia Meloni and her post-fascist party Brothers of Italy.

Grims dismissed the criticism that Brothers of Italy advocate fascist values. "Every time they lose, leftists label the opponent as a fascist or a racist."

Asked about potential changes in the situation of the Slovenian minority in Italy in the wake of a rightist surge, Grims said that the Slovenian government should be urged to establish friendly contacts and relations with Italy, as this would ensure solutions to potential problems.

Italian senator of Slovenian descent Tatjana Rojc, who was re-elected on Sunday, believes that the election outcome does not bode well for the minority.


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