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Gynaecologist Senčar submits presidential candidacy


Ljubljana - Submitting her candidacy to the National Electoral Commission on Wednesday, gynaecologist Sabina Senčar became the 8th candidate for president, supported by, a non-parliamentary party founded amid the Covid epidemic to oppose restrictions.

Handing in 3,261 voter signatures, Senčar, who became a prominent figure in the anti-vaccination movement during the pandemic, said if elected president, she would advocate for fundamental human values such as freedom, security, health, and acceptance, while also promoting the right to work and leisure.

She feels that a president should "stand for timeless values and should not be influenced by the political system we live in."

She noted her first priority would be accessible healthcare, stressing that the people do not care much if healthcare will be public or privately-owned, as long as they get timely, fair, and professional treatment, while also citing social, economic, and emotional well-being as decisive factors.

Also on her agenda are people's safety, and respect of the constitution and democratic values.

Senčar also said Slovenia should not remain part of international organizations which do not share the same views of democracy or protect basic human rights.

President of Zoran Stevanović said he was "sure that Sabina would be an excellent president and a breath of fresh air, someone who the people are looking for. She will be the people's voice, especially those who have previously not been heard," he said.

The deadline for submitting presidential candidates closes today.


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