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Sequel to popular coming-of-age film gets Golden Roll award


Ljubljana - The sequel to a popular coming-of-age film Gaja's World (2018) about a brave and mischievous girl Gaja has been awarded its first Golden Roll award for more than 25,000 viewers. After part one was watched by over 300,000 people in cinema and on TV, its sequel is set to be just as big of a hit.

A family romcom, Gaja's World, Part 2 is directed by Peter Bratuša, who also directed part one, and continues on with the story of Gaja as she faces new life challenges.

While many of the original cast play in the sequel, Gaja and her best friend Matic are played by new actors, as the original actors are already almost grown-ups.

Living between divorced parents, played by Sebastian Cavazza and Jana Zupančič, Gaja now has to deal with envious schoolmates and has her social media profile hacked only to learn what real friendship is.

"During the holidays, Gaja goes to the coast with her father and teen sister Tea, where she, Matic, and a police inspector save a bar owner from extortionists, while she also manages to bring her family back together again, and make her father happy with some help by her friends, mother, and saxophone teacher Ema," the Fena Films production company said.

Before hitting the cinemas on 1 September, the film was seen by a few hundred teachers. According to Bratuša, the film's director and co-author of the script, they must have felt it sends the right message to children and youth, as there is a lot of interest in school screenings.

The film raises a number of topical issues, ranging from peer violence and divorce to online security.

The Golden Roll award is given to films for every 25,000 viewers by the Kolosej cinema and the Association of Slovenian Film Makers. The film crew will accept the award after tonight's screening at Kolosej.


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