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SDS wants to debate legality of elections


Ljubljana - The opposition Democrats (SDS) have requested a session of the National Assembly to urge the government to create conditions that would ensure the legality of elections and fair execution of elections and referendums, chiefly by increasing oversight of the National Electoral Commission (DVK).

The move comes after the DVK sent ballots to voters residing abroad with delay before the last general election and miscalculated the terms of several MPs after the ballots were counted.

The SDS says the government and the DVK should take all necessary steps to increase public oversight of the DVK's work and thus of the fairness of the execution of elections.

"Slovenian citizens must be guaranteed that electoral bodies function in an impartial and objective manner, which is the only way to ensure the legality and legitimacy of the electoral process," the SDS said in a press release on Thursday.

The party proposes that the National Assembly ask the government to adopt solutions improving oversight of DVK's work, ensure equality in electoral and referendum procedures, and ensure the legality and impartiality of the DVK's work and thus the fairness of the execution of elections and referendums.

The government should also draw up a solution to establish the liability of the DVK and its members in cases "where there are mass irregularities in electoral procedures, negligent and unscrupulous performance of duties in the management of DVK and, as a result, irreparable damage due to a decline in trust in this institution".


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