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Minister: Slovenia could soon get LNG from Algeria


Brussels - Slovenia is about to secure liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply from Algeria, Infrastructure Minister Bojan Kumer said in Brussels on Friday. A solidarity gas supply agreement with Croatia is also anticipated soon.

When it comes to additional LNG supplies, Slovenia is betting on "the already tried-and-tested model, which the country somehow abandoned more than ten years ago" - a supply route from Algeria.

Talks are underway and Slovenia is on the brink of securing LNG supply from this North African country. Geoplin, Slovenia's leading gas trader, has been doing its share in these efforts, the minister said.

In addition to this, Slovenia continues to seek ways to diversify supply routes, taking into consideration those from Croatia as well.

Talking to the press after today's meeting of EU ministers in charge of energy, Kumer said he will soon meet his Croatian counterpart Davor Filipović to go through Slovenia-Croatia open issues in energy.

Croatia has informed Slovenia of its energy plans for 2023. "If we recognise ourselves in their strategic plans, we can also work together in the future to develop certain common stories," Kumer said.

The talks between the ministers could take place on the sidelines of the signing of the agreement with Croatia on solidarity measures to safeguard the security of gas supply.

The deal is expected to be sealed in a week or two at most, Kumer said, adding that the agreement was ready to be signed.

Under the deal, the two countries can request solidarity aid from each other in the event of a supply crisis. A similar agreement with Italy was ratified in July.


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