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Pahor says cancellation of Boxer deal "risky decision"


Maribor - The government's cancellation of the Boxer APCs contract is a risky decision from security, political and financial points of view, especially since the government has not offered a convincing alternative, President Borut Pahor, the supreme commander of the Slovenian Armed Forces, said on Friday evening.

Following an internal audit, the government decided in mid-September to withdraw from the contract, which was signed under the previous government.

At the same time, it tasked the Defence Ministry to produce an alternative solution by the end of the year for the country to build a mid-sized battlegroup unit.

Pahor said he had received assurances from the army that the Boxer vehicles were optimal, and so he had had no qualms about supporting the purchase.

He said that the government had looked for a reason not to buy the Boxers in the internal audit, but did not find one. "Therefore, it resorted to a political decision, which was announced earlier in the coalition agreement."

Pahor warned that "the current political, economic and security situation in the world and in our neighbourhood is worrying," pointing to the war in Ukraine.

He urged taking care of our own security through Slovenia's national security system, which he said had been proved beyond doubt to work.

Pahor believes the national security systems "must be constantly upgraded and improved to ensure that it is effective and responsive to every threat and risk".

As a NATO member, Slovenia must assume its share of responsibilities rather than renouncing military investments hoping its allies will fulfil these obligations. "This is neither fair nor part of the treaty we accepted when we joined NATO. Slovenia must be a credible partner in this alliance."

Pahor said that national defence is a strategic matter and that everything must be done to ensure that all systems providing defence and national security are operational and ready for challenges.

He spoke at a ceremony at the Kadetnica facility in Maribor awarding graduation diplomas and certificates to those who completed military training and education.


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