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Slovenian Accordionist Beats World Record in Continuous Playing


Zorko started his marathon performance on Thursday in Ljubljana's Kongresni trg. He then travelled by bus to the lakeside resort of Bled after which he made his way to Kranj, Novo Mesto and Brežice, where he completed his record as part of accordion festival Panonika harmonika early on Saturday.

In order to qualify, Zorko's accordion feat needed to adhere to Guinness world records rules. These required him to play the accordion continuously with a maximum of 30 seconds' break between the songs. Every full hour of playing earned him a five-minute break. He could not improvise and all his songs needed to be by recognised authors. A song could only be played once within a four-hour period.

The Panonika harmonika festival, held in Brežice between 24 and 26 August, has a history of setting accordion-themed world records. Last year the festival broke a record with the most accordion players gathered in one place and the biggest orchestra in the world with 1137 accordion players.

The accordion is a typical Slovenian folk instrument.


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