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Delo urges strategic thinking about infrastructure


Ljubljana - When it comes to infrastructure, it is urgent to think strategically, for years ahead, especially if the country wants to make a development breakthrough, Delo says in Saturday's front-page commentary Thinking Several Years Ahead. It says that gas infrastructure shows Slovenia has failed to strategically develop its infrastructure.

While doing well in road infrastructure, Slovenia lags behind in developing railways, while countries in its neighbourhood are investing heavily in transport corridors.

But infrastructure is also energy and telecommunications lines, gas pipelines, power stations, key health facilities and more.

Since it is clear we cannot have everything because it we not wealthy enough, the country should make priorities, Delo says, adding that a second unit at the Krško nuclear power station seems to be very high on the list of priorities.

But since such a facility cannot be built overnight, so all the procedures for it should be hurried up, especially as other countries will also want to build and bottlenecks may arise with equipment manufacturers.

Given the changed geostrategic situation, it is also necessary to think about gas security, which Slovenia has neglected in the past.

While it is unlikely that we will have our own terminal for liquefied gas on our short coast, it is high time to build an underground storage facility and strengthen pipeline links with neighbouring countries to ensure uninterrupted supplies. "It is the area of gas that shows the country has failed to strategically develop its infrastructure".


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