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Sale of Ill-Fated Govt Jet Falls Through


In line with the government's decision from the end of July, the agency must lease out the plane until it is sold, Kotnik explained.

Since no bids for the Falcon arrived until 2 PM today, the agency will consult the government on future steps. Before putting the plane up for sale again, it will give the government the opportunity to use the plane itself.

Before a new call for bids is published, the Falcon will be reevaluated, as the current asking price of EUR 12.6m was obviously set too high.

A government decision on this can be made in a month or a year, while the evaluation of the plane will take nine months, Kotnik said.

The first call for bids was published in the Official Gazette at the end of July. Two potential bidders, Linxair and Gio Poslovna aviacija, told the STA they had decided against bidding due to a too high asking price.

The government bought the plane in 2001 for US$ 33m and then leased it out to an American company three years later. In 2009 the Falcon was taken to Switzerland for maintenance and was returned to Slovenia later that year. Subsequent attempts to sell or lease the jet have been unsuccessful.


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