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Proposal to allow mayors to serve as MPs rejected


Ljubljana - The National Assembly has voted down a proposal by the National Council, the upper chamber of parliament, to reverse the ban on mayors serving as MPs.

In proposing the overturn in November last year, councillors argued the ban had no basis in the constitution or the law.

The lower chamber clearly disagreed with 55 MPs voting in favour of the decision that the upper chamber's proposal is not fit for further reading and none voting against.

They argued that if mayors were allowed to serve as MPs or vice versa this would constitute a conflict of interest and a violation of the principle of separation of powers.

They noted that the Constitutional Court had already endorsed the ban in force and that the parliamentary legal service warned that overturning it could be contentious constitutionally.

The ban has been in force since 2011. It was enacted by a left-wing coalition in what was the seventh attempt to do so.


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