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Opposition motion on parental protection voted down


Ljubljana - The National Assembly rejected the opposition-sponsored changes to the parental protection and family benefits act with which the Democrats (SDS) wanted to introduce a universal child benefit that would not be means tested. The government thinks this would deepen social inequalities.

In a bid to make child benefits an important family policy instrument again, the SDS proposed the universal child benefit that would increase as the child gets older.

However, under its proposal the poorest, those who receive benefits of EUR 122 per month at present, would be worse off.

The senior coalition Freedom Movement said broad dialogue with all key stakeholders and a public debate would be needed on measures like this. Such a move would also entail changes to the tax policy, it added.

The coalition Social Democrats (SD) said the proposal would reward those who do not need state aid and take funds away from the socially vulnerable families and children, which they need for basic survival.

The coalition Left too stressed the need for solidarity in granting state aid.

Meanwhile, the opposition New Slovenia (NSi) argued that a decision to have a child should not affect the family budget, as families with children must not be worse off financially than families without them, so the proposal was a step in the right direction.

Similarly, the coalition voted down an SDS motion to introduce free meals for all kids in primary and secondary school. While the coalition does not oppose the idea as such, it said students would get additional aid in the form of another set of amendments passed today that freeze the prices of school meals.


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