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Top of Mt. Triglav now covered with 5G

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Telecoms operator A1 Slovenija has announced it has expanded its mobile network with the highest 5G base station in Slovenia, enabling 5G access in the wider Kredarica plateau area and the top of Triglav (2,865m), Slovenia's highest mountain.

Located at 2,514 metres above sea level, the base station is powered by solar panels, wind energy and a generator, A1 said on Friday.

The operator added it had achieved its target for this year, which was to secure 5G network access to 60% of Slovenia's population. The plan is to raise the figure to 98% by 2025.

A1 moreover explained that 5G currently accounts for 10% of all the mobile data transmitted, while it expect the share to already exceed 50% by the end of this year.

The Austrian-owned operator added that it presently covers 44% of all mobile internet traffic in Slovenia.


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