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Digit minister discusses semiconductors in Brussels

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Brussels - Slovenian Minister for Digital Transformation Emilija Stojmenova Duh met two EU commissioners in Brussels on Monday, discussing with Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton Slovenia's more active participation in the EU's efforts to increase its resilience and competitiveness in semiconductor technologies.

The focus of their meeting was the EUR 43 billion European Chips Act, a piece of legislation the European Commission outlined in February.

The Slovenian government is willing to provide additional funds from the national budget if the country gets some funds under this act.

Stojmenova Duh, speaking to Slovenian reporters in Brussels, said that Slovenia had relatively many experts in the semiconductor industry given its relatively small size.

Although it cannot compete with other countries in terms of quantity, it can when it comes to quality, she said.

"We have to find some niches where we can be the best. And then we go through the whole chain, from the design and development to the production of these chips."

Slovenia has digital innovation centres, research institutions and chip-making companies, she stressed.

"We want to show Europe that Slovenia can be an important player in this field, in production and also in ensuring a certain sustainability in the supply of chips."

Stojmenova Duh and Breton also discussed a shortage of engineers in IT and other areas, a problem faced by Slovenia and whole Europe, which calls for a common vision.

The minister believes interest in these professions should be boosted, while the most talented individuals from third countries should be invited to study in Slovenia and the EU.

She also met Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarčič, the Slovenian member of the Commission, to discuss using digital technologies in addressing crises such as wildfires or floods.

Stojmenova Duh also met several Slovenian MEPs as part of her Brussels visit.


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