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DARS dimming and switching off lights along motorways

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Motorway company DARS has decided to shut off lights at motorway sections where the law permits and to adjust the lighting along other sections of motorways as of Thursday. The company expects to save 2,000 megawatt hours of electricity a year or 10% of its usual consumption.

"DARS has decided to adopt targetted measures due to the energy crisis, working proactively to mitigate the crisis," the company said in a press release on Thursday.

Lights will be shut off at motorway and expressway access and exit roads and along open sections of motorways.

The rest of the lighting in tunnels, at motorway junctions, intersections with physically separated lanes, and rest stops will be adapted to the minimum required standards.

Outdoor lighting at DARS maintenance centres will be switched on only when needed. These measures will be in place until further notice.


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