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FinMin Announces US Bond Issue


Facing unsustainable rates of financing on its home market, Šušteršič said that Slovenia would turn to the US market with dollar-denominated bonds. The issue would be worth between USD 1.5bn and 2bn, he said.

The topic was broached as Šušteršič presented to Gurria the short-term plans of the Slovenian government.

The minister stressed that Slovenia would also adopt legislation on a new sovereign holding to manage state assets and on the consolidation of the banking system as well as the two-year budget in September.

The pair also examined Slovenian plans for reform of the labour market and the pension system. Gurria assessed that these were reforms that Slovenia had to undertake given the current circumstances.

He also endorsed the government's efforts to enter the golden fiscal rule in the Constitution, saying it was absolutely in Slovenia's interest to do this.


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