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Slovenia's foreign trade keeps going strong


Slovenia exported EUR 5.3 billion worth of goods in September, 53% more than in the same month a year ago, as imports rose by 34% to EUR 5 billion in the period, fresh figures from the Statistics Office show.

The export-import ratio was 105%, which means Slovenia generated a surplus of EUR 260,000.

Exports to EU markets were up by 31% year-on-year to just over EUR 3 billion as imports from EU countries rose by 17% to EUR 2.84 billion.

The value of Slovenia's external trade with third countries also increased, with exports going up by 95% to EUR 2.29 billion, and imports rising by 64% to EUR 2.20 billion.

A major share in trade with non-EU countries were operations involving processing, including modification, making, composition, improvement or renovation with the aim of making new or significantly improved products.

Excluding processing transactions, exports to markets outside the EU amounted to roughly a billion euros, which marks a 32% increase from September 2021, while imports exclusive of those transactions were up by 62% to EUR 1.1 billion.

In the first nine months of the year, merchandise exports were up by 37% on the same period last year to EUR 39.66 billion and imports rose by 45% to EUR 42.49 billion.

External trade deficit amounted to EUR 2.83 billion in the period, with the export-import ratio at 93%.

In the first three quarters of the year, Slovenian companies exported most goods to Switzerland (21.7%) where processing transactions represented a high share, followed by Germany (14.6%), Italy (10.8%), Croatia (8.5%), Austria (6.5%) and France (3.3%).

Most of imports were also from Switzerland (14.6%), followed by those from Germany (12.5%), Italy (11.3%), China (9.5%), Austria (8.6%) and Croatia (5.1%). With those countries, Slovenia generated more than 60% of the total trade in goods.


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