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Ministry and Patria Restructure Contract, Slovenia Buys Only 30 APCs


The new agreement, signed on Tuesday, was presented today by Defence Minister Alejš Hojs, who said he was happy with the outcome of the negotiations.

The 2006 contract, which has become marred by bribery allegations and trials in three countries, envisaged the purchase of 135 APCs, including 110 fully equipped vehicles.

Slovenia was scheduled take delivery of 86 vehicles until this year but accepted only 30. It has paid just over EUR 74.5m, Hojs told the press today.

The contract between the ministry and Rotis, Patria's representative in Slovenia, envisages a consensual termination of the purchase contract. Slovenia will buy no further vehicles as part of the contract with Patria, which means the delivery is complete, the defence minister explained.

He added that the new agreement includes an anti-corruption clause and a provision that the anti-corruption clause in the original contract remains valid until court procedures are complete.

Under the new agreement, all parties are freed of all liabilities bar those agreed after the original contract. Patria also assumes direct responsibility for the vehicles' maintenance and spare parts for the life time of the vehicles.

Tuesday's agreement will be published on the website of the ministry later today.

Two main scenarios had been mentioned before today's deal. In line with the first, the original contract would be restructured with Slovenia getting another 20 APCs to have a total 50, while the second was a consensual termination of the contract without penalties.


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