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Leap for Slovenia in key energy benchmark


Slovenia has placed ninth in the World Energy Council's 2022 Energy Trilemma Index, a major benchmark which ranks countries by their ability to provide sustainable energy. This is Slovenia's first return among the top ten after ranking sixth in 2018.

Leaping from the 17th place last year to ninth this year, Slovenia has recorded the largest jump of all countries. With 78.8 points overall, it is tied with Estonia in ninth place.

The point total represents an average of scores in the three categories: energy security, energy equity and environmental sustainability.

In energy security Slovenia scored 69.8 points, 7 points behind the top-ranked Canada.

In energy equity it scored 94.7, while the top scorer Luxembourg got 100 points.

Slovenia reached 76 points in environmental sustainability, 11 points behind the leading Sweden.

While the Energy Industry Chamber of Slovenia has stressed that a comparison to previous years is not completely relevant since the methodology evolves every year, it says Slovenia has nonetheless improved in all three dimensions, especially in energy equity with measures taken to mitigate rising energy prices.

Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland have kept their top three spots among the 127 countries included in the index.


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