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Wealth of top 100 richest Slovenians hits €8.1 billion


Slovenia's 100 wealthiest individuals saw their wealth grow by about 15% in the last year to a record €8.1 billion, according to a ranking compiled by the magazine Finance Manager.

The accumulated wealth of the 100 richest Slovenians increased by around one billion euro, which is less than last year's rise of roughly €1.3 billion.

Still, the rise is significant given that stock market prices have been on a considerable downward trajectory, and is attributed to windfall profits in 2021.

Finance Manager also says that the companies owned by the wealthiest are among those more resilient to the current crisis. Many have practically no debt.

The magazine raised the bar to make the list from €27.7 million last year to €33.3 million, identifying around 200 individuals with more than €20 million.

Top of list remains the same

There has been no change at the top of the list, which has been dominated since 2014 by the former owners of mobile app developer Outfit7 Iza Sia Login and Samo Login. Their combined wealth has remained unchanged from last year at €690 million.

The bulk of the wealth of the Logins, who were first placed among the top 100 in 2011, comes from the sale of app developer Outfit7 several years ago and from dividends they received while being its majority owner.

The Šešok family, the owners of electronics group Iskra, are in second place. They gained one spot from last year with €300 million, up 9%.

Boštjan Bandelj, the owner of emission coupon trader Belektron, made the biggest jump this year. His assets are estimated to have increased by 300% to €295 million.

The top 10 also features financial investor Igor Lah (€266 million, up 27%), the owners of holding company Perspektiva and CGP construction company Vesna and Dari Južna (€227 million, up 12%) and Joc Pečečnik (€218 million), who has recently sold his gaming company Interblock.

There is also crypto-millionaire Damian Merlak (€212 million, up 16%), another ex-owner of Outfit7 Marko Pistotnik (€210 million), and Sandi and Livija Češko (€205 million, down 42%), the ex-owners of omni-channel retailer Studio Moderna, who placed second last year.

Business exits start to make appearance

Most of the businessmen traditionally make the list due to the holdings they have in companies. However, the number of those whose wealth comes from the money they received when selling their businesses is increasing by the year.

Pečečnik is one such entrant, as are Ivo Boscarol and his daughter Anastasia Taja Boscarol, who sold the ultralight aircraft maker Pipistrel, and the spouses Mojca and Tomaž Čebašek, who sold their IT company Vasco.


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