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Slovenia to Get Pirate Party in October


"The Pirates are serious about basic values of modern civilisation such as freedom, equality, privacy and democracy so we cannot leave them up to the outdated, disoriented, ideologically bankrupt and demoralised Slovenian political scene," the party's initiators state on their website.

The movement's spokesman Andrija Pušić has told the STA that the idea to found a party is a logical consequence of increased activities by the membership in the past year, but would not disclose how many members the movement currently has. The idea for a party emerged in 2009.

According to Pušić, the initiators do not include any public figures so far, but there are quite a few experts in various fields among them. "We aren't hunting for celebrities. If there are any pirates among them, they'll join us. We especially don't hunt for people with experience in the party scene."

The Slovenian movement is also active in the efforts to create a European Pirate Party whose goal will probably be a coordinated bid in the 2014 European elections. Pušić says a logical goal is getting into the Slovenian parliament as well.

The Slovenian Pirate Party will aim to popularise the Pirate movement and to promote its ideas such as boosting civic rights and democracy, participation in decision-making, reform of copyright and patent law, free exchange of knowledge, better protection of data and private sphere, more transparency and freedom of information.

The first Pirate party was established in Sweden in January 2006, followed by those in Austria in July and Germany in September the same year. Pirate parties have since cropped up all over the world. Pirate Parties International (PPI) was formally established in Brussels in 2010.


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