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Poll Shows Majority Rejecting Labour As Well As Pension Reform


Opposition to the labour reform is especially pronounced among the young. Older respondents mostly backed it, while support was also relatively high among the more educated, at 49%.

The response to whether the new system should enable more flexibility when it comes to layoffs was negative with 52% and positive with 37% of the respondents. The figures are reversed with regard to flexibility in getting a job.

Quizzed about the planned pension reform, 71% said they expected it to be tougher than the one rejected in last year's referendum.

Only 44% are ready to work until they are 65, with opposition especially strong among older workers. Support is higher for the years of service criteria for retirement, as 72% agree with the 40 years being proposed. 24% said 40 years was too much.

The poll was conducted by Delo's in-house pollster Delo Stik on 5 and 6 September and included 500 respondents.


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