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Looking for a New Political Elite



Probably the word "elite" is not suitable for the current group of comedians (with some rare exceptions who are really trying to do something), who are acting in the Slovenian version of Monty Python's Flying Circus. This constantly repeated sketch, with the obvious title "Mastering How To Do Nothing", is coming to a tragic end for Slovenian citizens. The country is on the edge of losing financial and consequently real independence, but our politicians are primarily interested in an obsessive competition for proving they are right.
If the government is saving, the oppositon will say that this saving is not right or at least it's not done in the right way, if the opposition has a good idea, the coalition will probably ignore it just because they can and that goes for all governments - current and previous... Generally, all politicians agree that the first priority is consolidation of the Slovenian banking sector, then adoption of crucial structural reforms, pension reform, labour market reform and the parallel adoption of a simple but effective development strategy for crucial economic sectors. Even all the unions agree with this list of priorities. But at a time when all the crucial people should sit together and come up with credible and sustainable compromise solutions, the circus begins. Instead of finding real solutions, six months is spent talking about whether the Golden Fiscal Rule should go into the Constitution or into normal law. Then the basic problem for adopting pension reform will probably be that somebody wants the retirement age to be 64, another 65! Inside the labour market reform, we will be stuck on the question of whether a half hour break during working hours will be paid or not. In the end, the unions will force a referendum for everything, just because somebody sent them the documents for some meeting two days after they agreed and they are insulted.
To be sincere, our comedians have a very faithful audience in Slovenian citizens who are complaining about the situation, but in the end they will again vote for the same comedians who have a very well organised stage in the form of mostly incompetent and passive media who are just following every stupid stunt of the comedians. Considering this complex system of self destruction, we just cannot be surprised by everything that is happening.
So the basic question is when will the Slovenian people have had enough of everything - enough of the politicans whose sole purpose is to fight for power, enough of the media who are competing in poisoning the social atmosphere. When this will happen, we hope that all normal and capable people from our universities and companies will come out from the shadows and be prepared to form a new political culture. We can just hope that this will happen very soon, otherwise we will soon meet our new masters from Brussels.


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