The Slovenia Times

One in five cutting their Xmas budget


A survey of 440 Slovenians has revealed that around one out of five (19%) are planning to spend less on their Christmas shopping this festive season than they did a year ago, as 5% are still unsure.

Around two thirds of respondents in the poll, conducted by Mediana online on 22 and 23 November, said they were planning to spend as much on Christmas shopping and gifts as they did last year, and 7% said they would spend more.

Two out of three of those questioned are planning to exchange Christmas gifts with their family and friends, against 20% who are not. A further 13% are yet to decide whether to bear gifts to their loved ones.

Nearly half (48%) intend to spend less than €100 on their Christmas purchases, with a further quarter planning to spend between €100 and €200, and 19% reckoning they will spend over €200.

Much fewer plan to splash on up to €500 (14%) or even up to €1,000 (4%).

One out of ten is yet to determine their holiday season budget.


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