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Calls for Reform as Trade Fair Opens in Celje


The current situation is a lot more serious than ever before, which requires moving fast to create a more business-friendly environment, Economic Development and Technology Minister Radovan Žerjav said in his keynote address.

Arguing that taking action fast is the only way to create solid foundations for sustainable growth, Žerjav noted that the government was embarking on reform of the labour market, which businesses have been highlighting as the biggest problem for years, as well as pension reform.

OZS president Štefan Pavlinjek welcomed the government's measures, most notably labour reform, but he said it was "utterly incomprehensible" why the government plans to reform the system of business chambers now that businesses need a strong representative to put up a fight against unions in negotiations.

"The OZS nevertheless hopes that all is not lost and that the government will think hard about the direction in which it will take the changes," Pavlinjek said, calling for a solution that will be good for businesses, the state and society alike.

Žerjav said the chamber must be a voluntary association (which OZS members voted for in a recent referendum), with members free to join other chambers as well. Nevertheless, the OZS will remain a representative of small businesses.

The International Trade Fair features over 1,600 exhibitors from 34 countries, in what is the biggest event in Slovenia dedicated to small businesses.


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