The Slovenia Times

Huge demand for salespersons this year

A job fair in Ljubljana. Photo: Bor Slana/STA

This year's record low unemployment has led to a surge of job vacancies. Salespeople topped the most-in-demand list and Slovenia's largest online job market recorded a combined 6,000-plus job vacancies in retail by the end of November.

Over 24,000 people applied for posts in retail on the portal, more than for any other job.

Among other in-demand workers were workers in manufacturing (4,220 vacancies), warehouse workers (2,364), sales representatives (1,197), and sales consultants (1,152).

Demand for retail workers on went up by 41.8%, for manufacturing workers by 37.6%, and for warehouse workers by 33% compared to last year.

Similar to the year before, a deficit of machine operators, cooks, servers, and IT officers was also recorded.


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