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Government Adopts Drafts of Pension, Labour Market Reforms


According to the Government Communications Office, the package is aimed at ensuring stability of the Slovenian banking system and further improvement of the economic environment. Over 140 measures for encouraging economic growth will be implemented.

Finance Minister Janez Šušteršič did not want to disclose details about the package at a press conference after the cabinet's weekly meeting, saying that Economic Development and Technology Minister Radovan Žerjav would present it on Friday.

Šušteršič however said that measures for encouraging growth did not automatically mean financial incentives.

"Regulatory changes, including changing the business environment and attracting private investors, also from abroad, are far more important. Neither we nor the economy will do very well if the economy stays dependant on what the budget can contribute."

Žerjav said yesterday that his ministry was drafting a new industrial policy that would serve as the basis for launching entrepreneurial, competitiveness and technology programmes in the 2014-2020 financial perspective.


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