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Labour, Pension Reform Tops Agenda as EU Employment Commissioner Visits


The EU has been warning Slovenia for years that reform is necessary. Earlier this year Andor said Slovenia was not exactly a role model of pension reform, noting that its reform efforts were lagging behind those in other Central European countries.

Speaking to Slovenian reporters ahead of his visit, Andor said he expected a "serious and substantive" dialogue on reforms.

Andor will also deliver an address to an international conference on labour reform organised by the Ministry of Labour, the Family and Social Affairs, where attendance is expected from senior government officials, social partners, as well as EU and OECD representatives.

The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions will present the labour situation in the EU, while representatives from Germany and Austria will also present their experience in reforming employment regulations.

A senior official of the Labour Ministry will present the challenge of labour market segmentation in Slovenia and various possible solutions.

Commissioner Andor will present the view of the European Commission on labour market reforms, while a Labour Ministry Official will outline the challenge of labour market segmentation in Slovenia and possible solutions.

The debate will also feature representatives of trade unions and employers, who will provide their take on the planned reform measures.


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