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Slovenia's Energy Consumption Down 1% in 2011


Electricity covered 22% of the total consumption; 39% came from the nuclear power plant, 36% from thermal power plants, 24% from hydro power plants and less than 0.5% from solar power plants. Total gross electricity generation in 2011 stood at 16,056 GWh.

Natural gas at 12% of consumption came third, down 17% compared to 2010, while energy from renewable sources, geothermal and solar thermal energy covered just under 12% of the total energy consumption.

Slovenia's energy dependence in 2011 stood at 48%. In comparison with 2010 it decreased by 0.9 percentage points and was 7 percentage points lower than in 2008, according to the statistics.

Slovenian households meanwhile consumed 49,380 terajoules (TJ) of energy in 2011, down almost 6% compared to the year before. Most of the energy - about 30,500 TJ or 62% - went for space heating.

Other major sources of energy consumption include water heating (19% of total household energy consumption), lighting and electrical appliances (14%) and cooking (5%).

Total energy consumption decreased mainly due to decreased energy consumption for space heating, which decreased by almost 9% compared to 2010, the statisticians found.

Wood fuels prevailed as an energy source (35%), followed by electricity (23%), heating oil (19%) and natural gas (10%).

"Compared to the previous year, the quantities of consumed energy mostly decreased, the consumption of liquefied petroleum gas, and of solar and geothermal energy increased," the Statics Office moreover said.


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