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Slovenia follows up with more aid for quake-hit countries


After sending search dogs and staff to Turkey earlier this week, Slovenia is now following up by sending material aid worth more than €451,000 to Turkey plus an additional €500,000 in humanitarian aid to Turkey and Syria in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake.

The €451,400 material aid is being sent to Turkey under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

Slovenia is initially sending equipment to help accommodate thousands of people without shelter in southern Turkey, which was rocked by one of the deadliest earthquakes this century on 6 February.

The first shipment, dispatched on 9 February, includes tents, hot air blowers and blankets. It is valued at €275,400.

Additional supplies of material aid will follow based on Turkey's requests and taking into account the available resources.

The government also approved €400,000 in humanitarian aid for Turkey and Syria, and an additional €100,000 in aid that will be donated to the two countries through the charity Caritas Slovenia.

Half of the €400,000 in humanitarian aid will go to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to help people in the affected south-eastern part of Turkey.

The other half will be contributed to the Syria Cross-Border Humanitarian Fund under the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs financial mechanism.

Funds to help in the quake relief effort are also being raised by Slovenian charities, including Caritas, the Slovenian Red Cross and Unicef Slovenia.

Caritas has already wired an initial €10,000 to provide aid to people in Turkey and Syria, half to each.

Meanwhile, Slovenian telecommunication services providers are making calls to and roaming in the two countries free for the time being.

Slovenia earlier sent a group of seven rescue dogs with handlers and four assistants to Turkey. They have been deployed to the province of Hatay, one of the worst hit areas.

In addition a Slovenian expert was deployed in Ankara to assist with coordination as part of an EU-led effort.


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