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Lake Bled makes CNN's list of world's 25 beauty spots


Lake Bled, an idyllic lake with an island in the north-west of Slovenia, has made the list of 25 of the most beautiful places in the world published by CNN Travel last week, alongside destinations like the Svalbard Islands in Norway and the UK's Lake District.

It is no surprise that Lake Bled has developed into one of the hottest destinations in Europe in recent years, the CNN writes, describing the lake's "glistening blue water", "soaring backdrop of the Julian Alps" and "the famous church perched on an island at its centre".

The article admits that Lake Bled attracts big crowds in summer, but adds that that should not put off potential visitors. "Ripe for hiking and swimming adventures, this is a corner of Slovenia that demands to be explored," the CNN writes.

Only three hours' drive from Bled is another entry on the list, the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia.


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