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New Maribor gallery spotlights up-and-coming artists

One of the works by Iva Ferlinc exhibited at the Tkalka Gallery in Maribor. Photo: Anja Seničar/Tkalka Gallery

Young artists will take centre stage in a new gallery in Maribor, Slovenia's second largest city, that opened on 17 March. The first exhibition, by Iva Ferlinc, is entitled Transitions.

The vision of the new exhibition space, located in the centre of the city, is to "present contemporary visual art by the younger generation of artists and support up-and-coming artists with exhibition and sales activity," says the gallery's founder, Tina Gerlec.

Tkalka or Weaver, as the name of the gallery would be translated into English, plans to hold up to six exhibitions per year.

The shows will be divided into different conceptual sections with a special focus on artists who have never exhibited before. In order to support younger generations, young, independent curators will be invited to participate.

The first exhibition is devoted to Ferlinc, who is currently completing her studies at the Ljubljana Academy of Visual Arts. Her main interests include intermedia and installation art, and her work is focused on the concept of creating space and manipulating light and shadows.

The common denominator of the exhibition is the fluid relationship between body, space and object, which stems from the inherent dynamics of each individual work of art.

The presented works "expect the viewer to take their own point of view, inviting them to explore their own mental and physical responses and the aesthetic experience of the exhibited works."

The exhibition runs until 5 May.


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