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Klinec for the history books

Slovenian ski jumper Ema Klinec competing at the women's large hill event at the 2023 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships.
Photo: Anže Malovrh/STA
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Just a day after becoming the first woman ski jumper to break the 200-metre mark, Slovenia's Ema Klinec also won the first official ski flying event for women - and with a new world record to boot.

In what can only be described as a dream weekend for the 24-year-old, Klinec set a new world record of 226 metres in the first series on the giant hill in Vikersund, Norway on 19 March, adding 223 metres in the final series for a 41-point lead on the Norwegian Sije Opseth.

"This is a great closure of the day. The tournament was really long. I'm very happy that I've managed to put that last piece into the puzzle, the story," Klinec said.

"I'd like to thank all for the support which enabled us to show our best performance. This is it, we're heading towards new victories," said Klinec.

Klinec is the third Slovenian to set a world record in ski flying after Jože Šlibar (141 metres in Oberstdorf in 1961) and Peter Prevc (250 metres in Vikersund in 2015).

As part of a training series on Saturday, she became the first female ski jumper to land at over 200 meres, at 203.

Her world record was surpassed by the Canadian Alexandria Loutitt later in the day with 222 metres, but Klinec went further today and her record will stand for longer since there are no more ski flying event scheduled this season.

Women ski jumpers have flown beyond the 200-metre mark before, yet not at an official competition. In 2003, Austrian Daniela Iraschko landed at over 200 metres in Kulm during training for a World Cup event.

However, this weekend's successful events show that ski flying could soon become part of top tournaments for women.


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