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PoliMaT in Partnership in Polymer Engineering


PCCL and PoliMaT closed this contract based on the common interest in research and development work with the aim of establishing and enhancing international cooperation between these two institutions.The cooperation will be performed through activities and programs such as the joint organization of the Austrian Slovenian Polymer Meeting (ASPM) in April 2013 in Bled (Slovenia) as well as joint research programs and scientific exchange. In addition, joint educational programms (e.g., summer schools) are currently in preparation together with renown institutions in the USA, Germany and Kenya.

The signature of the contract took place in the headquarters of PCCL and was joint by the Economic Counsil of the Slovenian Embassy Breda KoroŇ°ec, the President of the Austrian-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce August Jost, the Rector of the University of Leoben Wilfried Eichlseder, the City Counselor of Leoben Harald Tischhardt and several representatives from the Department Polymer Engineering as well as from the PCCL.



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