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Presidential Candidate Zver: President Türk has no concept


Addressing a crowd of 2,500 supporters, Zver revived the idea of introducing a majority electoral system, he backed the government crisis measures and proposed expanding the Slovenian anthem, France Prešeren's Zdravljica (A Toast) with the second stanza, which glorifies the Slovenian nation and pleads to god.

Like some speakers before him, Zver was critical of incumbent President Danilo Türk, saying he was an opponent of the bad bank, of the golden fiscal rule, of a flexible labour market, pension reform and austerity. Zver argued his rival was without a concept and trapped in the past.

"My programme is clear. It would make me happy to also see other candidates have one, but they are taking the easy way. They are not dealing with serious issues, they prefer to be safe, a little removed, without blame or responsibility for anything, or hypocritical."

The gathering was also addressed by Prime Minister Janez Janša, who was finding similarities between former SDS leader Jože Pučnik and Zver, saying the latter can continue Pučnik's work.

The SDS head described Zver as someone determined to do the right thing, capable of finding agreement and compromise also in the toughest situations, while remaining honest. This is someone Slovenia really needs as president today, Janša said.

"What we have had, what this post was turned into during the period of Slovenia's transition, definitely is not what the authors of the Slovenian Constitution had in mind and definitely not what at last in these times the Slovenian public wishes," the prime minister said.

Calling for a president with moral authority, Janša said Türk was not capable of bringing everyone together in tackling the crisis, which is not only economic but also moral.


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