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Poll Shows Slovenians in Two Minds about Reforms, Austerity


Exactly 50% told the pollsters public sector layoffs were unnecessary, while 40% agreed they were required and 10% were undecided.

However, the vast majority, 71%, would not accept lower standards of service in public sector segments such as education and health that would invariably follow.

Moreover, nearly two-thirds of respondents believe plans to reduce the public sector workforce will slow down the adoption of labour and pension reform.

The poll also shows widespread opposition to bank bailout, as 56% said the banks should solve their problems alone while 19% back recapitalisation and only 12% endorsed the government's decision to set up a bad bank.

On the other hand, 44% said the government should find strategic partners for key state-owned companies and 11% are in favour of a quick sell-off, versus 39% who believe the companies should remain in state hands.

The poll was carried out by Delo's in-house Stik agency between 3 and 4 October and involved 500 respondents.


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