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Average Slovenian Produces 350 Kg of Waste in 2011


Almost 722,000 tonnes of communal waste was generated in Slovenia in 2011, of which 4,000 tonnes were dangerous communal waste.

Compared to 2010, the amount of waste generated was down 16%, while the amount of dangerous waste was up 17%, data provided by the Statistics Office show.

Due to waste separation, the share of mixed communal waste decreased by 19%, but this category of waste still comprised 67.5% of all waste collected. Packaging amounted to 12.1%, other waste collected separately 11.3% and waste from gardens and parks to 9.1%.

More than 419,000 tonnes of communal waste or 504,000 tonnes of all kind of waste was taken to landfills, which means 204 kg of communal waste or 246 kg of all waste per capita.

In year-on-year comparison, the amount of total waste decreased by 19% and the amount of communal waste by almost 25%.

The most waste was taken to landfills for non-hazardous waste (78.1%), followed by landfills for non-hazardous industrial waste (21.1%) and hazardous industrial waste (0.8%).

Despite waste separation, which is on the rise, the share of communal waste that ended up in a landfill site amounted to 58%.


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