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Budget Expenditure Set at EUR 9.6BN in 2013


The budget for 2013 is EUR 600m lower compared to the supplementary budget for 2012. Among the biggest beneficiaries of 2013 budget are to be education and sport policies (EUR 1.5bn), pensions (EUR 1.3bn) and social security (just over EUR 1bn). For these fields, similar figures are planned also for 2014.

The government earmarked EUR 726m to cover the public debt in 2013 and EUR 758 in 2014. EUR 683m is to go for transport and transport infrastructure in 2013 and EUR 809m a year later.

Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and food would get EUR 491m in 2013 and EUR 433m in 2014, while labour market policies would get EUR 438m in 2013 and EUR 370m the year after that.

The budget draft envisages EUR 429m for EU contributions in 2013 and EUR 431m in 2014. Defence and civil protection policies are to get EUR 377m in 2013 and EUR 379m the year later, while interior affairs and security policies would be funded with EUR 345m in 2013 and EUR 342m.

The government also released the figures planned for individual budget users. The plans are however only partially suitable for comparison with this year's supplementary budget, as some ministries have undergone a restructuring in 2012.

The Finance Ministry would get EUR 2.7bn in 2013, a drop from EUR 2.8bn in the 2012 supplementary budget, Interior Ministry is to get EUR 332.4m (compared to EUR 325.2m in 2012) and the Foreign Ministry would get EUR 86.3m, an increase from EUR 79.5m this year.

The Defence Ministry is to get EUR 378.6m, compared to EUR 380.9m in 2012, Labour, Family and Social Affairs Ministry is planned to get EUR 1.6bn, down from EUR 1.7bn in 2012, while the Health Ministry is to get EUR 111.3m, compared to EUR 57.2m this year.

The Office for Slovenians abroad would meanwhile get EUR 10.1m in 2013, a slight drop from EUR 10.2m this year.

Among the departments that have undergone restructuring in 2012, Justice and Public Administration Ministry would get EUR 200.9m in 2013, Economic Development and Technology Ministry EUR 467.5m and the Ministry for Agriculture and Environment is to get EUR 815.7m.

Meanwhile, Infrastructure and Spatial Planning Ministry is to get EUR 787.3m and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport is to get EUR 1.8bn in 2013.

The 2013 budget draft envisages a deficit of between 2.8% and 2.9% of GDP. This objective is to be met among other things through the pension reform, a planned 5% cut in total public sector pay cost and a planned increase in VAT for selected goods and services.


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