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Data of real estate owners must not be accessible to the public


The ruling comes nine months after the Surveying and Mapping Authority (GURS) removed the data from its website upon a request by the commissioner. Official real estate records, including personal details of the owner and the estimated value of the property, were made publicly available on a GURS website last year. The details included names, surnames, addresses and birth dates of the owners.

Data came from the first property census in Slovenia's history and an appraisal that followed the survey.

Launched in December last year, the availability of the data on the website raised questions related to privacy rights and data protection.

Soon after, the commissioner demanded GURS to disable access to sensitive personal data and asked the Constitutional Court to review a part of the real estate recording act which made the information public.

The Constitutional Court passed its decision today, annulling the contentious provision for individuals, while the information on legal persons remains openly available


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