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Govt Caps Borrowing at EUR 9.14BN for Next Two Years


In line with the proposed budget implementation bill, Slovenia can take out up to EUR 3.08bn in loans to finance the budget in 2013 and a further EUR 3.12bn in 2014.

In order to buy back its own debt on secondary markets, the state will be allowed to raise EUR 1.8bn, while a further EUR 1bn can be raised to patch up the country's ailing banking system.

Under the law establishing the bad bank, Slovenia will most likely have to allocate between half a billion and one billion euros to recapitalise banks after the transfer of bad claims.

Finance Minister Janez Šušteršič said on Tuesday that the state would require some EUR 4bn in the coming year due to an expected budget hole of about EUR 1bn, about EUR 2bn of loans due for payment and the EUR 0.5-1bn possibly needed for the recapitalisation of banks.


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