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Presidential Election Campaign Kicks Off


The campaign will run until midnight on 9 November, when the election blackout will set in until the polls close on Sunday evening.

A total of 13 candidates have announced they would run for president this autumn, most of them attempting to collect 5,000 signatures from voters.

Alternatively, candidates may also be put forward by ten MPs or by political parties, in which case the candidacy needs to be backed by at least three MPs or 3,000 voters.

Zver submitted his bid with signatures of support from MPs of the ruling Democrats (SDS) and coalition New Slovenia (NSi) while Pahor, who is running with the support of the Social Democrats (SD), submitted 4,453 signatures. Meanwhile, Türk filed as many as 13,000 voter's signatures.

If nobody else joins the race, the voters will have the lowest ever number of candidates to choose from.

The three candidates said they want a substantial campaign that will most likely be marked by current affairs. Hopefuls will become official candidates next week after the Electoral Commission checks their bids.

Under Slovenian election campaign legislation, campaign costs must not exceed EUR 0.25 per voter. If there is a second round, additional cost of EUR 0.15 per voter is permitted.

Election campaign must not be funded by the national budget or companies in which the state holds more than a 25% stake.


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