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Joker Out unhappy with result, thrilled by the experience


Slovenian indie pop band Joker Out have finished 21st at the Eurovision song contest, a result the band, though thrilled by the show and the experience, describes as disappointing.

The band got 78 points, 45 from juries and 33 from the televote, to place just ahead of Albania among the 26 entries in Saturday's final.

This was the first time after 2019 that a Slovenian entry has made it to the final.

"The result is really not the best, but we gave it all we've got, this is the most we can do," the band said.

"Eurovision is a show with so many unpredictable elements you just cannot influence," they added.

The band's result is broadly in line with their betting odds, with most betting sites ranking them around 20th place.

Unlike some previous Slovenian acts, Joker Out had a strong promotional campaign and held a number of concerts around Europe in the run-up to the grand finale, raising hopes that this would help them win over more fans.

Their Eurovision song Carpe Diem is a danceable happy-go-lucky anthem to careless youth that was thought to hold broad appeal to younger audiences.

"We are ready to accept that we are not good enough to be at the very top of this European competition.

"But we've seen that by all standards - streaming and radio play, concert invitations and reactions by other performers - we've generated a lot of interest internationally," the band said.

Guitarist Kris Guštin described the experience as "crazy," but lead singer Bojan Cvjetićanin added that they re happy it is over.

"Half a year of a circus that we are not used to and that we did not expect is over," said the singer, whose style and stage charisma has lead many to liken him to pop superstar Harry Styles

A five-member band formed in 2016, Joker Out are a major concert act in Slovenia and are particularly popular among teens.


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