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Ljubljana Zoo Gets Genuine Slovenian Farm


Visitors will for the first time be given the opportunity to see eleven indigenous breeds of farm animals from across the country in one spot, the technical manager of the Ljubljana zoo Barbara Mihelič told a press conference ahead of the launch.

The farm, situated just right of the entrance at the former location of the children's zoo, will feature three breeds of horses, including the Lipizzaner and the Slovenian cold-blooded horse, four breeds of sheep, the cika cattle, the Štajersko hen, the Drežnica goat, the Krškopolje pig and the Carniola honeybee.

One of the aims of the Educational Farm is to teach people about the indigenous breeds and to raise the awareness about their importance in preserving the high biodiversity of the Slovenian cultural landscape.

Head of the project Ana Bordja said that part of the funding came from the Swiss contribution to new EU member states, while professional assistance was provided by the gene bank for livestock at the zootechnical department of Ljubljana University, which saw to the genetic purity and selection of the breeds.


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