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Hypercar records measured with Slovenian know-how

The Rimac Nevera, the fastest serially produced car in the world. Photo: Hina/STA

The Slovenian data acquisition company Dewesoft joined forces with the Croatian Bugatti Rimac to recently measure the acceleration and braking times of Rimac Nevera, currently the most powerful electric car in the world. Nevera broke 23 records in the hypercar category.

The car's most impressive record is the 0-400-0km/h time of 29.93 seconds, meaning that the Nevera was able to accelerate to 400 km/h and then come to a complete stop in under half a minute, according to Dewesoft.

This is less time than it took the McLaren F1 to accelerate to 350km/h, says Mate Rimac, founder of the Rimac Group, referring to one of the top performing cars in the 1990s.

The equipment Dewesoft used for measuring was developed and produced in Slovenia. The acceleration and braking times and distances were measured using a system that takes 100 readings per second and is accurate to within 0.055 km/h even at a speed higher than 400 km/h.

In addition to the verification of records, Dewesoft measured more than 2,000 parameters of the vehicle, such as the distance of the car to the floor and the forces on the suspension.

This data will help improve settings and inform the development of hypercars, especially in aerodynamics, Dewesoft said.

Dewesoft is based in Trbovlje, some 40 km east of Ljubljana. The company has 300 employees and works in data acquisition in the automotive, energy, acoustics, space and defence industries.


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