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Defence minister decorated by Ukraine

Ukrainian Ambassador to Slovenia Andriy Taran (centre) decorates Defence Minister Marjan Šarec (right) and State Secretary Damir Črnčec (left). Photo: courtesy of Defence Ministry

Defence Minister Marjan Šarec and his State Secretary Damir Črnčec have received Ukrainian decorations for their contribution to strengthening bilateral relations and assisting in Ukraine's defence.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Slovenia Andriy Taran bestowed the Mark of Esteem on Šarec and the Medal for Supporting the Armed Forces on Črnčec on behalf of the Ukrainian Defence ministry.

"The award ceremony is an expression of gratitude of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Ukrainian people to our Slovenian friends," Taran said at the ceremony on 19 May according to the Slovenian Defence Ministry.

He said Šarec and Črnčec had made an "important personal contribution to the Slovenian government's decision-making process on military assistance to Ukraine in the fight against the large-scale aggression of the Russian invader."

According to the ministry, the expression of gratitude to the minister refer to the support offered to Ukraine by the entire Slovenian defence system and the support the minister has been expressing at international forums.

Črnčec was honoured for his significant personal contribution to the development of the Ukrainian Armed forces and for fruitful cooperation with the Ukrainian Defence Ministry.

"Our two defence ministries are actively cooperating in a number of areas. Friendly personal relations have been established at the level of the ministries' leadership, and there is also fruitful ongoing communication between the Ukrainian Embassy and the Defence Ministry," Taran said.

"Most importantly, the Defence Ministry and its leadership have been our reliable friends who have not hesitated to support Ukraine in the difficult times of the Russian all-out invasion," he added.

Slovenia has supplied a significant amount of weapons to Ukraine since the start of the war.

The latest shipment, in April, consisted of 20 six-wheeled light armoured personnel carriers and it came after the country had already donated 28 Yugoslav-made M55S, 35 Yugoslav-made M80A tracked infantry vehicles, 20 Humvees, 16 howitzers and significant amounts of other arms and equipment.


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